For more than half a century, between 1955 and 2009, two remarkable individuals, George and Ann Dannatt, devoted themselves to collecting the work of artists such as Patrick Heron, Terry Frost, Bryan Wynter, Peter Lanyon, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, John Wells and Paul Feiler, as well as many others with St Ives connections such as William Scott, Robert Adams, Roger Hilton, John Tunnard and Alfred Wallis.  In the early 1980’s George and Ann’s minds were turning to posterity. They took the decision to establish a legal framework ‘for the purposes of advancing the education of the public in the visual arts’ and in so doing to distribute the benefits of their activities to others.  On its establishment in 1986, the George Dannatt Trust became the legal guardian of the Collection as well as an instrument for providing future opportunities for young artists to participate meaningfully in the visual arts.  In their later years the Dannatts extended their collecting to European artists in both figurative and abstract art, including Picasso, Laurencin, Gris, Arp, Soulages, Heliôn and Chillida.  At this time, George Dannatt began to establish a career as an artist in his own right, exhibiting alongside many of the artists he knew and admired.