The George and Ann Dannatt Collection in Public Collections

Bournemouth University

G.Dannatt,   Tenerus No.5 (St. Malo), oil on board, 1985

G.Dannatt,   Oriflamme Motif No.4, oil on board, 1988

G.Dannatt, Oriflamme Motif No.5, oil on board, 1988

Dorset County Museum

G.Dannatt, Red Shadow, oil on paper, 1977

G.Dannatt, Ancient Landscape, oil on board, 1982

G.Dannatt, Poundbury Landscape, oil on board, 1997


Galerie Artica, Cuxhaven

G.Dannatt, Toro No.3, oil on board 1978,

G.Dannatt, Collage composition on a burnished ground – “Cat’s Eye”, mixed media , 1980

G.Dannatt, Libra, oil on ply board, 1981

G.Dannatt, Firebird, oil on board, 1983

G.Dannatt, Purbeck Drawing No.3, frottage drawing, 1983

G.Dannatt, Summer Solstice, Oil on ply board, 1984

G.Dannatt, Vale of the White Horse, pencils and mixed whites on Saunders paper, 1990

G.Dannatt, Line drawing No.2, etching 6/16, 1995


New Hall Hospital, Salisbury

G.Dannatt, ‘Chesil’, oil on drift wood, 1984

Pallant House Gallery, Chichester

R.Adams, Construction in Space, brass, unique, 1950/51

R.Adams, Rectangular Bronze Form No 2, Unpolished Bronze, edition 6, 1953

R.Adams, Vertical Bronze Form No 2, bronze 2/6, 1955

R.Adams, Rectangular Bronze Form No 3, Unpolished Bronze edition 6, 1955

R.Adams, Rectangular Forms No 1, bronzed steel, unique, 1960

R.Adams, Screen I, lithograph 15/20, 1962

J.Adler, Tête à tête, pencil and indian ink on paper

R.Armstrong, Blossom, drawing gouache on paper, 1953

J.Arp, Untitled, etching

W.Barns-Graham, Glacier, watercolour and pencil on paper, 1943

W.Barns-Graham, St Ives, pencil on paper, 1955

W.Barns-Graham, George and Scruffy Series, oil on canvas, 1956

W.Barns-Graham, 1st Day Cover Envelope, acrylic on paper, 1980

B.Beattie, 1st Day Cover Envelope, mixed media, 1980

R.Brennan, Untitled, collage, 1971

M.Broido, VII ’68, Pencil and gouache on paper, 1968

M.Broido, Untitled, gouache and pencil on paper, 1970

L.Chadwick, Untitled, screen print 8/50

L.Chadwick, Untitled, woodcut of lino cut on card, c. 1957

E.Chillida, Untitled, etching 14/50

E.Chillida, Leku II, etching 44/50, 1970

E.Chillida, Hommage à Cioran, etching 11/50, 1982

P.Clough, Cooling Towers, watercolour on paper

P.Clough, Men on a Wharf, watercolour on paper, 1954

A.Cohen, Off Honfleur, oil on board, 1969/70

R.Colquhoun, Two Figures, reverse offset drawing on paper

R.Conn, Gouache, gouache and charcoal, 1968

R.Conn, Untitled (Etching), coloured etching, 1972-73

J.Craxton, Untitled, watercolour on paper, 1946

T.Cross, 1st Day Cover Envelope, collage, 1980

W.Crozier, Untitled, 1962

M.Evans, The Lovers, etching 1/25, 1947

G.Dannatt, Black Vertical, Gouache and pencil on coloured paper, 1960

G.Dannatt, Collage – Sand & Purple, collage, 1967

G.Dannatt, Variations on a Round, collage painting, 1971

G.Dannatt, Figure Emerging from the Sea: Version 2, pencil, water proof ink on hand made paper, 1976

G.Dannatt, Sand Quay (Enclosed Structure), pencil on oil washes on paper, 1978

G.Dannatt, Solva, mixed media on driftwood, 1980

G.Dannatt, Newlyn Quay Drawings Series A No.1, pencil on paper, 1981

G.Dannatt, Newlyn Quay Drawings Series A No.2, pencil on paper, 1981

G.Dannatt, Newlyn Quay Drawings Series A No.3, pencil on paper, 1981

G.Dannatt, Newlyn Quay Drawings Series A No.4, pencil on paper, 1981

G.Dannatt, Newlyn Quay Drawings Series A No.5, pencil on paper, 1981

G.Dannatt, Flaggs Field No2, oil on soft board, 1990

G.Dannatt, Veiled Landscape Dole’s Ash, oil on hard board, 2000

P.Feiler, Boskenna, oil on canvas

E.Frink, Calypso, coloured lithograph

T.Frost, Untitled, gouache on paper, 1953

T.Frost, Black and White Movement, oil on board, 1954

T.Frost, Untitled, watercolour on paper, 1959

T.Frost, Blue, Black, White, oil on canvas, 1960-1961

T.Frost, Untitled, watercolour, gouache, collage, 1969

T.Frost, Untitled (Blues), screen print, Artist’s proof iv, 1969

W.Gear, Landscape, oil on canvas, 1951

J.Gris, Le Guéridon, reproduction lithograph

H.Hartung, No 2 Composition in Green and Brown, etching with aquatint in 4 colours, 1953

S.W.Hayter, William, Angels Wrestling, engraving and etching 44/50, 1950

S.W.Hayter, Boats, engraving on copperplate in colour, 1983

S.W.Hayter, (after) – Buckland Wright, Figures, woodcut edition unknown, 1940

J.Heliôn, Abstract Nude, woodcut in purple ink, 1938

J.Heliôn, Drawing No 7, Ink and wash, 1936

P.Heron, February 20th 1962, oil on canvas, 1962

R.Hilton, Abstract, Brown and Black, Gouache and charcoal

R.Hilton, Blue and Yellow, gouache

R.Hilton, Untitled, lithograph

R.Hilton, Untitled (Woman’s Head), lithograph (working proof), 1952

R.Hilton, Pastel, pastel on card 1962

R.Hilton, Untitled, lithograph 5/12, 1974

R.Hilton, Untitled, lithograph 5/15, 1974

D.Jones, Ancient Mariner, two tinted etchings

M.Kenny, 1st Day Cover Envelope, 1980

P.Lanyon, The Returned Seaman, lithograph from a linocut

P.Lanyon, Untitled, etching 22/25

P.Lanyon, Landscape with Views, 1937

B.Leach, Profile of a Pot, brushed ink on rice paper, 1972

M.Laurencin, Depuis ce jour fatal, etching, 1912

A.Mackenzie, Dune, oil on board, 1961

A.Mackenzie, Etching, etching 1/50, 1973

A.Mackenzie, Worked Over Catalogue Cover, August 1980 oil on printed matter, 1980

R.MacBryde, Fruit on a Caucasian Cloth, oil on canvas

D.Mitchell, Gorran, polished bronze, on slate base, 1968

D.Mitchell, Treen, polished bronze, on slate base, 1961

D.Mitchell, Selena, polished bronze, 1969

A.Morton, Untitled, oil on card, 1939

P.Nash,  Tide/The Tide/The Bay, Lithograph 1/30, 1920

P.Nash, The Wall, Dymchurch, engraving on copper plate 10/50 c. 1923

P.Nash, Ghosts of the Hellebore and Thorn Apple Escaping from the Woods, watercolour and collage, c.1942

B.Nicholson, Pisa as Intended, etching 42/50, 1967

B.Nicholson, Two Goblets and a Mug in a Landscape, etching 47/50, 1967

B.Nicholson, Reproduction (by Marcus Brumwell), print, 1968

G.Noel, Petite Texte Palimpsest, mixed media on canvas, 1964

A.Reynolds, The Farm and Movement, oil on board, 1953

A.Reynolds, Farm Buildings, A View, watercolour on paper, 1958

A.Reynolds, Drawing ’77, pencil on card, 1977

A.Reynolds, Structure No 1, wood engraving on Japanese paper, 1977

C.Richards, 5 Colours Lithograph, lithograph, 1945

W.Scott, Unknown, screen print 45/75, 1962

W.Scott, Cup, gouache/collage on paper, 1974

P.Soulages, Lithograph: Bleu Gris, lithograph 6/60

P.Soulages, Composition: Noire et Ambre, screen print 40/200

J.Tunnard, Cat’s Cradle, mixed media, 1940

V.Vasarely, Untitled, etching 16/150

K.Vaughan, Gardens at Night, oil on board, 1951

K.Vaughan, Landscape at Zennor, oil on board, 1956

K.Vaughan, Landscape with Steeple, Iowa, gouache, 1960

J.Wells, Project, gouache, pencil and ink on card, 1942

J.Wells, Untitled, etching 15/25, 1950

J.Wells, Untitled, etching 1/50, 1951

J.Wells, Painting 60/75, oil on board, 1960-75

J.Wells, Painting, oil on canvas, 1961-63

J.Wells, Composition Variation III, oil on board, 1963

J.Wells, Violet Corail, oil, ink and pencil, 1965-75

J.Wells, Nollaig, 2 Variations, multi-print on paper, 1977

B.Wynter, Untitled, lithograph, 1958


RAF Museum, Hendon

G.Dannatt, Coastal Flight, oil on board, 1980

Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum, Bournemouth

G.Dannatt, Aquatint with deep bite, etching, 1995


Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum

G.Dannatt, Estuary Beacon, oil & pencil on wood, 1984

(Printed copy of a work 0765)

G.Dannatt, Spire, oil on hardboard, 1996

G.Dannatt, Clayhangar, oil on board, 1997

Southampton City Art Gallery

R.Adams, Block I, chromed steel 1/3, 1969

R.Adams, Col, polished bronze 0/6, 1972

R.Adams, Corniche, polished bronze 0/6, 1972

R.Adams, Untitled (Sphere), polished bronze, internal faces patinated, 1980

W.Barns Graham, Chiusure, off-set drawing on paper, 1954

W.Barns Graham, Study for Broken Ice, gouache on paper, 1959

G.Dannatt, Citadel No.5, oil on hardboard, 1996

G.Dannatt, Painting (Two Reds), oil on black paper, 1998

G.Dannatt, Ominous Landscape, oil on board, 2007

T.Frost, Untitled (Small yellow Vertical), oil on canvas

T.Frost, Seascape, oil on board, 1951

R.MacBryde, Still Life, oil on canvas

R.Mackenzie, Painting (Red/Black), oil on board, 1962-74

R.Mackenzie, Red/Green Field, oil on board, 1979

D.Mitchell, Landscape Form, polished bronze, free standing on white marble, 1960

D.Mitchell, Porthcressa, polished bronze on a slate base 1/3, 1961

D.Mitchell, Annet, bronze, patinated internally on a slate base 1/7, 1974

D.Mitchell, Pendennis, polished bronze on a slate base 3/8, 1974

D.Mitchell, Bryher, slate carved and polished on a marble base, unique, 1975

M.Tyzack, Broad Whites, painted relief, 1961

J.Wells, Western Landscape, oil on board, 1948(-74)

J.Wells, Red Figure, oil on board, 1952

J.Wells, Air, Water, Stone, oil on board, 1955

J.Wells, Nocturne, oil on board, 1957

J.Wells, Untitled, mixed media on board, 1962-78

J.Wells, Untitled, multi-print on paper, 1971

B.Wynter, Red Sentinal, gouache on paper, 1960

Stadt Bibliotek, Cuxhaven, Germany

G.Dannatt, Divided Landscape, graphite indian ink & acrylic gouache, 1972

G.Dannatt, Three Figure Composition, oil on canvas, 1974

G.Dannatt, Tenerus IV, oil on hardboard, 1979


Stowe School, Buckinghamshire

G.Dannatt, Tantris 1 Version 1, acrylic on board, 1970

G.Dannatt, Tantris No 3, acrylic on soft board, 1970

G.Dannatt, Tantris No 4, acrylic on soft board, 1970

G.Dannatt, Tantris No 6, acrylic on soft board, 1970

G.Dannatt, 5 Colour Exercise, acrylic/oil on canvas, 1976

G.Dannatt, Colour Study No 3 – Four Colour Symphony (1983) oil on painting board, 1983

G.Dannatt, Tantris 1 Version 2, acrylic on board, 1983/1984

 University of Chichester

G.Dannatt, Dragon Hill, oil on hardboard, 1996